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What is an allergy?

The human body has the remarkable ability to defend itself against harmful viruses or bacteria. But when the body mistakenly identifies non-harmful substances (like pollen or dust) as dangerous, the defenses are too aggressive and can cause unpleasant, uncomfortable symptoms known as allergies. At Allergy & Asthma Care of Wylie, we work with you to develop a plan of action to minimize your discomfort and treat immune system disorders.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a disease caused by an inflammatory reaction in the lungs. This reaction is a result of inhaling an irritating substance (also called "triggers"). In response to a trigger, a person with asthma suffers from restricted and narrowed airways that become inflamed and filled with excess mucus. Seeking treatment from an allergist like Dr. Angela will help you manage your asthma and breathe easier knowing that your health is taken care of.

What is the difference between a food allergy and intolerance?

Food allergies are often confused with food intolerance because both present uncomfortable symptoms. Allergies to certain foods (most commonly fish, eggs, milk, nuts and wheat) can result in tingling or itching in the mouth, hives, swelling of the lips, face, tongue and throat, and congestion. Sometimes, these symptoms can also be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

Food intolerance, on the other hand, is an adverse reaction to certain foods. This reaction often includes bloating, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. About 90% of patients seen for suspected food allergies are actually intolerant of a specific food. At Allergy & Asthma Care of Wylie, we perform diagnostic tests to distinguish between the two.

When should you see an allergist?

While mild allergies may not need any treatment, and some can be managed with over-the-counter medication, more severe allergies and any case of asthma should be treated by a specialist. Allergists are trained to help identify your specific irritants and develop personalized treatment plans (including medication and management tools) that will give you a better quality of life and allow you to enjoy any environment.

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